About us

AEGEE (how to say it?! a-ə-ʒ-ə?) doesn’t have any national level or national administration. The aim of this structure is to emphasize the concept of ,,common Europe’’ and international cooperation. AEGEE works on two levels: local and european. On the local level there are a lot of branches (antennas), which you can find in bigger academic cities of the whole Europe: for example AEGEE-Poznań. On european level function pan-European structures (e.g. European Management), which schedule the direction for the works of local antennas. AEGEE is a shortcut for a french name Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe (European Students Forum).

AEGEE AEGEE is one of the biggest student organisation in Europe, which consociates students from different universities and fields of study.

AEGEE AEGEE is being supported by the European Commission. It has the status of an advisor of the Council of Europe and the United Nations Organisations in the field of education and curriculum. It also cooperates with UNESCO and OBWE. Patrons of honour of our organisation are, inter alia, Árpád Göncz and Rita Süssmund.

AEGEE means:

  • about 13 000 students
  • more than 200 cities,
  • nearly 40 different European countries,
  • but most importantly: PEOPLE!

There are a lot of things that differ us: age, university, experience, orientation, but there is much more that connects us. Passion, curiosity, a will to live our time as students in an unbelievable and extraordinary way. In AEGEE there are idealists, who want to do something more than just get a degree. This is facilitated also by an atmosphere of cooperation and positive energy, which accompanies our trips, trainings and parties.

Main aims of AEGEE:

  • promotion of the united Europe,
  • activity for building an open and tolerant society,
  • influence young people to care about important social issues (human rights, democracy, ecology),
  • increase a scale of international cooperation, mobility and education in Europe.
European Students Forum AEGEE-Poznań is one of the biggest, strongest and the most actively working antenna in the Central and Eastern Europe area. We are on every important european event and we actively participate in the creation of the future of our organisation. Our antenna consociates about 40 students from the biggest Universities of Poznań (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań University of Technology, Poznań University of Economics and Business, Poznań University of Live Sciences). We organise different projects: panel discussions, conferences, debates, trainings and meetings. They address a matter of issues like: ecology, active citizenship, european integration, cultural exchange, negotiations, couching. But every idea has a chance of realization. Matters of next projects depend on creativity and involvement of people, which join AEGEE.
Statut of AEGEE-Poznań
Board of AEGEE-Poznan

Main board

Bartosz Basiński
Agata Telefus
the Secretary
Martyna Kaczmarek
Rafał Tymoniewicz
Fundraising Responsible
Danusia Masłowska
Coaching Section Leader

Review board

Joanna Barczykowska
Zuzanna Sarna