Working groups

Regardless of the currently realized projects, members of AEGEE – Poznan have the opportunity to engage in the activities of working groups. During weekly meetings, topics related to the current activities of our organization as well as issues directly related to a specific field are discussed. Activity in working groups gives above all opportunity to exchange experiences, broaden your knowledge, gain new skills and constant development. AEGEE – Poznan operates three working groups: Public Relations, Human Resources and Fundraising. If you do not know yet where to start your adventure in AEGEE – Poznan. Working group is the right option. You just have to come to our meeting or contact the coordinator of a given group. What’s more important you can be a member of several working groups at the same time!
The meetings of the working groups take place in room 108 of the building of the BR University of Banking ( Powstańców Wielkopolskich street 2).

Human resources


Group coordiantor: Martyna Kaczmarek

Students who make up this group are curious about the world, are not afraid of meeting new people, help organize project teams, have knowledge in the field of recruitment and functioning of the organization. Also they provide entertainment and take care of work in AEGEE is intertwined with pleasant memories. Except this during the meetings they discussed about the HR industry in companies, including how to write creative CV, job interview, motivation and training. If you fit this atmosphere do not hesitate and come to our meeting! ?

Public relations


Group Coordiantor: Joanna Barczykowska

As part of this group we deal with broadly understood promotion and everything related to the Public Relations in our organization. We take care about relations with the environment and image of AEGEE – Poznan. We create promotional campaigns, establish contact with media, institutions and other organizations. Activities in the PR group gives an opportunity to develop people with various interests! If you like contact with the media, have the so-called “light pen”, are you interested in promoting and marketing, or maybe social media, IT or computer graphics is something you find your best? If so, you have come to the right place! Outside of current activities of AEGEE – Poznan in our meetings we deal with various issues connected with PR. Come and see for yourself in PR is something for you!



Group coordiantor: Rafał Tymoniewicz

Fundraising is one of the most developing areas in our organization. Working in a working group consists of obtaining financial and material sponsoring, grants, or writing applications for financing (grants). Working in FR WG gives you an opportunity to establish relationships with the business world, gain valuable experience and skills like sales techniques, communication and negotiation.

Coaching Section


Group coordinator: Danusia Masłowska

The Coaching Section is a group where we learn how to be? a good trainer!
In our meetings everyone has an opportunity to conduct a workshop on any topic, to develop skills in practice. With us you will develop the courage to speak in public, learn how to effectively transfer knowledge and learn how to prepare your own training. You can also get involved in our projects. We are open to new ideas and fresh perspectives, so if you want to join us? You are welcome!